On-Site Crematory

On-Site Crematory

We employ cremation professionals. - Our crematories are supervised by our employees who are not only licensed funeral directors, but also are Certified Crematory Operators by the Cremation Association of North America. Because we operate our own crematory, we are able to maintain the highest legal and ethical quality control and thus assure the integrity of the cremation process and of the cremated remains.

Many funeral homes in the Virginia subcontract this delicate procedure out to an out-of-town, third party crematory. We know that families need the peace of mind that the cremation process is taking place in a private and dignified setting. We can assure you that your loved one stays in our care and is never transported out of the area to be cremated. Our crematories are clean, modern and available for your inspection. One of our crematories has a family viewing area for those who wish to witness the cremation process.

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