Urn Summary

Urn Summary

Urns are specifically made for holding cremated remains. They range in shape and size, and can be simple in form or a true work of art. The urns we offer come in a variety of natural materials, such as bronze, wood and stone. We also offer smaller keepsake urns, mementos and jewelry.

Cast Bronze Urns

Bronze urns in this category are manufactured using either lost wax, sand or standard casting techniques. Bronze, being an alloy of copper and either zinc or tin, is durable and is used for many sculptured urns. Being the material of choice for many artists creating memorial urns, cast bronze urns are often purchased for home or cemetery display.

Ceramic & Porcelain Urns

Ceramic and glass urns are made by artisans employing a variety of shaping, glazing, firing, coloring and blowing techniques. Ceramic vessels have been used for cremation urns as far back as recorded history. Urns in this category may be traditional or organic shaped. These urns are sometimes adorned with fired-in appliqués or metallic trims. Because of their delicate nature and beauty, ceramic and glass urns are generally used for display either in the home or in a cemetery columbarium.

Cultured & Natural Stone Urns

Cultured urns are manufactured from a variety of synthetic materials and are intended to resemble urns made of other natural products such as marble, granite, ceramic, wood and bronze. Both are used for both burial and home placement. Natural stone urns are crafted from natural stone materials such as granite, marble, quartz, onyx, slate, alabaster and fossil stone. These materials are mined throughout the world and no two urns are exactly the same. The rarity of the stone, part of the world in which it is found and the intricacy of the shape all play a role in determining the cost of quarried urns.

Metal Urns

Metal urns are machine crafted from both base and alloy metals such as steel, copper, sheet bronze, pewter and brass. These urns are finished using a variety of techniques such as plating, polishing, brushing and lacquering. Metal urns are durable and thus appropriate for burial and home placement.

Scattering & Biodegradable Urns

Scattering urns are designed for ease of opening and to allow a controlled scattering of cremated remains. Biodegradable urns are designed dissolve in water or degrade when buried.

Hardwood Urns

Wood urns are crafted from nearly every conceivable domestic and exotic wood species. More common wood urns are made from cherry, maple, pine, oak, walnut and poplar. More exotic, non-endangered woods used include mahogany, paduk, yellowheart and zebrawood. Wood urns are generally stained and may be adorned with inlays, appliqués and laser etchings. Wood urns are most often purchased for home or cemetery columbarium placement.

Flag Cases

Flag cases are designed to hold a burial flag, after having been folded and presented to the family. Some are designed to function as urns, whether the urn is incorporated into the case or a pedestal to support the case.

Veteran Urns

These urns are designed to commemorate one’s service to our country.

Keepsake Urns & Cremation Jewelry

Family members or special friends often want to memorialize their loved ones by retaining a small portion of the cremated remains. A variety of small keepsake urns and pendants are available for this purpose. Keepsake urns are manufactured from the same materials as regular urns and are often available as a matching set to the permanent urns selected. Keepsake pendants are crafted by jewelers as tokens to be worn. They are generally made out of gold, silver, brass or pewter.

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